Carto® 3 System
CARTO 3 System
The visualization you want, with the accuracy you need.

The Carto® 3 System is today's most advanced 3D mapping platform, designed to support future innovations in electrophysiology. The system also introduces three important new capabilities that can elevate your procedures to a whole new level. Accurate visualization allows you to see all catheters in the anatomy with precision and clarity. Increased mapping speed with FAM enables you to map as fast as you can move the catheter. Streamlined workflow allows both you and your lab staff to work more efficiently.

CARTOSOUND® Module with SOUNDSTAR Catheter The CartoSound® Module with SoundStar® Catheter helps to easily identify specific cardiac anatomy and the exact location of the ablation catheter during AF* procedures in real-time. The integration of ultrasound with Carto® System technology streamlines procedural efficiency, contributes to safety, and enhances the clarity of anatomical images. Learn more here
CARTO® 3 MEM Software The new Carto® 3 MEM Software allows you to acquire multiple mapping points simultaneously with a high level of detail. Combined with our MEM-enabled catheters, it helps accelerate high resolution mapping.
CARTOUNIVU™ Module The CartoUnivu™ Module Seamlessly combines a fluoro image and Carto® 3 System maps into a single, accurate 3D view. It helps to reduce fluoroscopy levels — consistent with the ALARA principle of reducing exposure for physicians, staff and patients to as low as reasonably achievable.
VISITAG™ Module The new VisiTag™ Module provides greater visibility into your RF ablation strategy. It displays parameters of lesion formation that can be used prospectively or retrospectively. And it allows you to objectively index ablation parameters to help facilitate consistency and continuity.
PASO™ Module The new Paso™ Module delivers automated template matching for targeting complex ventricular tachycardia procedures. It automatically compares pace mapping signals with arrhythmia signals to better inform your VT ablation strategy.