M490006 SMARTABLATE® System Kit comes with: Generator, Irrigation Pump, Remote Control, power cables (x3), all necessary connection cables (x4), Foot Pedal, Grounding Cable and ECG Connection Cable.

System Overview

SMARTABLATE® System Overview

An ablation platform should complement your procedures, not complicate them. That’s why we developed the SMARTABLATE® System. The integrated generator, pump, and remote control are intuitive and allow physicians to personalize and store preset preferences. In addition, we have a robust line of accessories, including irrigation tubing, connection cables, and foot pedals, that you can order today.

System Generator

System Generator
System Generator

Personalize Your Procedures

  • Up to 80 presets allow on-demand recall of preferences by physician, procedure type, and catheter on a single screen
  • Large, tilting, wide-angle display screen provides easy viewing
  • One-touch settings instantly give you full control of all essential parameters
  • Real-time data and summary screen provide easy reference to procedure information

System Pump

System Generator
System Pump

Irrigate With Efficiency

  • Flow rate adjusts automatically when RF power is modified
  • Easy-to-load tubing simplifies setup and lets you choose a pump location to fit your lab
  • Optimized bubble sensor to help assure safe circuit setup and readiness

System Remote

System Remote
System Remote

Let Your Intuition Guide You

  • The choice to control from generator or remote location adds flexibility to meet physician and staff preference
  • One-touch settings instantly give you full control of all essential parameters from the Remote
  • Connection overview displays status of all circuits in the system