Biosense Webster, Inc. is recognized worldwide as a leader in the science behind the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.
The first useful deflectable tip catheter was pioneered by Will Webster more than three decades ago. Ever since, Biosense Webster, Inc. has defined the state of design and craftsmanship in diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheters. In fact, we offer more electrophysiology catheter designs than anyone else in the industry. But beyond numbers, our continuous pursuit of practical innovation has led to a steady flow of breakthrough designs.


We help patients around the world regain their health, their energy and their lives.

Biosense Webster, Inc. ideas and innovations make a difference in the medical community's approach to diagnosing and treating arrhythmias. We enable physicians to find and help treat more types of disease. We contribute directly to improving procedural methodologies and raising success rates. And we’re committed to enhancing safety for both patients and physicians as we work to treat Afib.

Guided by the needs of electrophysiologists and cardiologists, Biosense Webster, Inc. has pioneered innovative technological advancements for more than 30 years. Some might call this quite a heritage. At Biosense Webster, Inc., we say it's just the beginning.

Join us as we continue to look for new and better ways to help physicians heal more hearts. Because that is what we do -- we put lives back in rhythm.

Biosense Webster, Inc.: Profile

So much more than catheters. Biosense Webster, Inc. is…

  • More than 1,300 professionals in 40 countries around the world dedicated to bringing the best healthcare options to our customers in the most ethical ways possible
  • Renowned training and support for electrophysiologists and allied professionals, including onsite training, online courses and education centers in Cincinnati, Ohio; Hamburg, Germany; and Shanghai, China
  • An unparalleled commitment to scientific discovery that supports clinical trials and publishes scientific studies to advance the practice of electrophysiology and evaluate the safety and efficacy of new medical technology
  • Inspired professionals using innovative ideas to make a tangible difference in the lives of doctors and patients
  • Part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
  • Shaping the future of electrophysiology

Decades of Making a Difference

Pioneering inventor Will Webster founded Webster Laboratories with the philosophy of listening to and fulfilling the needs of the physician.

Halfway around the world, another pioneer, Dr. Shlomo Ben-Haim, developed 3D cardiac mapping and navigation technology, providing new levels of insight, precision and safety in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

In 1998, Dr. Ben-Haim’s Biosense, Inc., joined Webster Laboratories to form Biosense Webster, Inc., part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

Now, decades later, Biosense Webster, Inc.'s advanced catheter designs are known throughout the world for their reliability and ease of use.

Today, thousands of dedicated Biosense Webster, Inc. problem-solvers around the world continue this legacy of innovation, born of listening to the needs of doctors and their patients. Biosense Webster, Inc. ideas have singularly propelled the field of electrophysiology from a collection of possibilities to an established, mainstream medical discipline.

Biosense Webster, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Our Credo is the foundation of our Environment, Health and Safety Policy.

It provides us with a clear, compelling and enduring reminder of our responsibilities to mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses and caregivers, employees, communities, and shareholders. Our Credo states we must ensure working conditions are clean, orderly and safe; encourage better health and education; and maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources.

We believe that robust compliance is an essential prerequisite for EHS excellence.

We shall meet or exceed all applicable EHS regulations, company standards and voluntary initiatives to which we subscribe. Each employee at Biosense Webster, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies has a responsibility to comply with EHS legal requirements. We follow established policies and procedures to create safe and compliant workplaces, environmentally responsible operations, and a culture where healthy lifestyles are encouraged.

We believe that employee safety is a core value,inseparable from our mission of improving human health.

We foster a culture of safety for our employees, contractors, and key partners. We fulfill this responsibility whether in manufacturing, in a laboratory, in an office, or in a vehicle. To manage our risks, we use management systems that identify hazards, drive continual improvement, and position us as a global safety leader.

We believe that healthier employees are more engaged, more satisfied, and more productive.

We empower our employees by encouraging them to know their health risks and by providing them access to healthy lifestyle programs and resources. We offer support for their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, enabling them to live healthy, full and productive lives.

We believe that a healthy planet is the ultimate human health issue.

We are committed to operating responsibly and we seek to reduce adverse environmental impacts from our operations, products, and services. To manage our environmental risks, we pursue a path of continual improvement - investigating, assessing, understanding, and improving environmental aspects and impacts using robust management systems. We educate our employees, our suppliers, our customers, and other interested parties about our efforts and expectations in this area.

We believe that engagement and dialogue contribute to sustainable growth.

We continually engage with our employees, customers, and key stakeholders. We believe engagement helps us learn, increases our transparency, and forges important stakeholder relationships. The diversity of ideas generated from engagement strengthens our strategy, goal-setting and reporting processes.

We integrate EHS into our overall business strategy.

Biosense Webster, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies has a history of setting long-term EHS goals, and we support such goal-setting as a driver of innovation and sustainable growth. We believe that progress toward these goals should be transparent to our stakeholders.

We implement processes across Biosense Webster, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to assure adherence to this policy.

This EHS Policy is applicable to all businesses and all employees of Biosense Webster, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, and is to be shared publicly for all stakeholders to view. We provide our employees with the education, skills and training to adhere to the policy. We verify adherence through internal and external audits and we encourage employees to report to management any behavior inconsistent with this policy.