Grants for Educational Programs and Activities
The following guidelines apply to Biosense Webster, Inc.'s funding of educational grants for programs and activities.

Biosense Webster, Inc. is dedicated to providing support for independent educational activities that are intended to educate healthcare professionals and improve patient care. Please explore this site to learn more about our Educational Grants program. Biosense Webster, Inc. (BWI) is proud to collaborate with medical societies and teaching institutions in the interest of advancing patient care. To continue this collaboration, Biosense Webster, Inc. would like to inform you of a recent policy change that will impact our provision of educational grants.

Due to new federal government requirements detailed below, educational grant funding provided by manufacturers which is applied to meal costs and faculty honoraria must be reported to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), naming the individual recipients of the funded meals/honoraria. Therefore, Biosense Webster, Inc. will no longer provide educational grant support to reduce meal costs for courses.

We have a strong commitment to supporting the provision of high quality education to health care professionals in order to improve patient outcomes, and we apologize for any inconvenience this change in policy may cause. Additional information and resources about Open Payments are available on the CMS website:

CME Grants

  • Independent medical educational programs/activities with accredited providers
  • Program topic must be in an area of interest for Biosense Webster, Inc. (BWI)

Non-CME Grants

In limited circumstances, Biosense Webster, Inc. may support certain expenses related to non-CME programs:

  • Independent educational programs/activities sponsored by academic medical centers, hospitals, medical societies, patient advocacy groups
  • Development of patient and/or health care provider educational materials
  • Program topic must be in an area of Biosense Webster, Inc.'s business and education interest

In these cases, the following guidelines apply:

  • Grant funds may be used to pay for audiovisual support and development of materials
  • Grant funds may not be used for business expenses such as meeting planning, attendee travel, lodging or food

Program Venue and Agenda

Educational programs must be primarily dedicated to promoting objective scientific and educational activities and discourse. For this reason, we generally cannot support programs that take place at resort locations, particularly when the schedule includes large blocks of open time between educational activities.


  • Grants requested after the date of the event
  • Promotional activities or exhibits related to Biosense Webster, Inc. products
  • Exhibits and display requests may be sent to [email protected]
  • Programs outside Biosense Webster, Inc.'s area of interest
  • Charitable contributions
  • Reimbursement of the cost for health care professionals to obtain CME credits
  • Funding for Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS)
  • IIS requests may be sent to [email protected]

Application Process

Educational grant requests may be submitted via the following Internet site at least 60 days prior to the date of the event: Independent Educational Grant Application. The user-friendly site guides you to ensure that the necessary information and document(s) are provided.

Please note: the system will NOT save your request automatically. Once you start the application process, you have 60 minutes to complete your application before the system times out. If the session times out, you will have to start over. Please have all required documents completed and available to submit as attachments before you begin the online application process.

The following information must be submitted with your grant request:

  • A signed letter of request on organizational/institutional letterhead describing the program
  • Institution name with full mailing address (not a P.O. Box)
  • Name and phone number of contact person
  • Name and title of person with signature authority for institution (if not contact person)
  • W-9 (completed with institution name, address, Federal Tax ID number, signed and dated)
  • Payment information - checks are only payable to the institution, not to an individual or to a specific department or fund
  • Description of the program/event
    • CME accrediting organization (if any)
    • Name of event/program
    • Location of event/program
    • Agenda
    • Speaker(s)
    • Presentation/discussion topics
    • Type of activity (e.g. formal course, program/material development, etc.)
    • Target audience
    • Projected number of participants
    • Budget (must include total cost of event, line item breakdown and requested amount)
  • Upon receipt of the submission, you will receive confirmation that includes the Grant Identification Number.

Review Process

Only the Educational Grants Committee is empowered to approve a grant request. Sales and marketing associates are prohibited from facilitating grant requests and communicating the status of a particular request.

Grant requests must, at a minimum, meet the requirements outlined above to qualify for an educational grant. However, meeting those requirements does not guarantee that the request will be approved.

  • All Educational Grant requests are reviewed by the Educational Grants Committee, which meets approximately once a month to review grant requests
  • The Educational Grants Administrator will notify you by email to let you know whether the grant request was approved or denied

Funding for Approved Requests

If the request is approved, you will receive a Letter of Agreement (LOA), which must be signed by both parties before Biosense Webster, Inc. provides the funding.

Upon execution of the LOA, Biosense Webster, Inc. will issue a check and send it to you with a copy of the executed LOA.

Reconciliation of Funds

As stipulated in the LOA, the grantee is required to provide a complete reconciliation of the use of funds within 120 days of the conclusion of the program. This information should be sent to the Grants Coordinator.

Other Forms of Educational Grants

Software Grants

  • The Educational Grants Program allows teaching institutions with ACGME-accredited fellowship programs to request an educational grant in the form of software enhancements for Biosense Webster, Inc. products
  • The intent of this program is provide physicians in training with access to current Biosense Webster, Inc. software offerings
  • Software grants may be requested by submitting a request following the process described above
  • If a software grant request is approved, Biosense Webster, Inc. will provide the institution appropriate documentation to allow the institution to disclose the value of the software in its cost reports

Equipment Grants

Biosense Webster, Inc. does not provide equipment under the Educational Grants Program

Required Forms

  • W-9 — Please access to obtain the latest version of the W-9 form.
  • Budget — Attach the completed budget template to the grant request.
  • CE Provider Questionnaire — Attach the completed and signed form to the grant request.