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Clinical Resources FAQ
Q. How do I apply for an educational grant?
A . Educational grant requests can be made by visiting this website.Click on Educational Grants.Before applying, read about the application process.

Q. Can I save a request in progress and return to it later?
A. No. The system will not save your request. You have 60 minutes to complete your application request before the system times out. Please have all information ready and required documents available to submit as attachments before you begin the online application process. Incomplete submissions will be denied, and you will have to resubmit the entire request.

Q. What can I expect when my request is submitted through the website?
A. Once you submit your request, the system will provide you with a Grant ID number. Please keep this Grant ID number handy.

Q. How can I check the status of my grant request?
A. You can check the status of your grant request at any time on the website by clicking Check Application Status, using the Grant ID number and your email address. Keep in mind that the Educational Grants Committee meets once a month to review requests. Most likely you will not see any status updates in the system for at least 3-4 weeks from the time you submitted your request.

Q. What is the timeframe for submitting an educational grant request?
A. All requests must be received at least 60 days prior to the date of the program/event.

Q. How long will the approval of my grant request take?
A. The Educational Grants Committee meets once a month to review all grant requests. You will be notified of the Committee's decision. If your request is approved, a Letter of Agreement (LOA) will be sent to your attention. The LOA must be signed by both parties before the funding process begins.

Q. I submitted all necessary documents and information weeks ahead of the required 60 days. Why did my request get denied?
A. An institution must, at a minimum, meet the requirements outlined in our Educational Grants Guidelines. Please note that meeting these requirements and submitting a request in a timely manner does not automatically ensure approval of a grant. We award educational grants at our sole discretion, based on factors that include budget availability and alignment with the company's area of interests.

Q. Can I fax or mail in my request?
A. No. All educational grant requests must be submitted via the website. Requests are no longer accepted by fax or mail.

Q. I lost my Grant ID number, how can I locate it?
A. Please send an email with the name of the requesting organization, the amount of the request and the estimated date of grant submission to [email protected] Biosense Webster, Inc.'s Educational Grants Coordinator will provide you this information via email.

Q. I am having trouble with Biosense Webster, Inc.'s website and cannot submit a grant request. Who can I contact to resolve this problem?
A. Please send an email to the Educational Grants Coordinator at [email protected] for help.

Q. Should I include exhibit opportunities in my grant request?
A. Exhibit opportunities are considered as sales promotion expenses and are not considered part of the educational grants. Exhibit opportunities should be sent to [email protected]

Q. Can grant funds be used with no restrictions?
A. No. All grant funds are restricted to comply with Biosense Webster, Inc.'s policies and guidelines and applicable federal and state regulations and the AdvaMed® Code. We do not provide unrestricted grants.

Q. Can I submit the reconciliation of funds as required in the LOA via the website?
A. No. Please submit the reconciliation of funds to the Grants Coordinator by email at [email protected] within 120 days of the conclusion of the program.