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Visit a Training Expertise Center
Biosense Webster, Inc. is proud to offer a comprehensive site visit program to physicians who would benefit from seeing the latest Biosense Webster, Inc.’s technology in use for PAF or Ischemic VT ablation in a clinical setting, and to interact with hosting faculty regarding typical ablation strategies and outcomes.

Each site is hosted by physician faculty who are proficient high volume ablators. The program is called TEC – Training Expertise Center site visits. We host several events monthly, typically for 1 day. We also can include key lab staff from visiting labs to support their training needs. Additionally, the hosting physicians/staff are able to engage in discussion regarding best practices, lab management, clinic management and practice development strategies.

The referral process for this activity is through your Biosense Webster, Inc. representative or contact:

Jason Ruff, CEPS
Clinical Manager
Training Expertise Center (TEC)
Customer Engagement & Education
[email protected]