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Posting Guidelines
Posting Guidelines

Biosense Webster, Inc. (BWI) Posting Guidelines

The Biosense Webster, Inc. social community, including but not limited to the Biosense Webster, Inc. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter presence, has developed and adopted these Guidelines to help keep this a welcoming and positive community. While site visitors of any age are welcome to view content in our social community pages, it is not intended for visitors under 18, and only registered visitors 18 years of age or older may submit content.

User generated comments will be reviewed within one (1) business day of their being posted by the social community page owner and/or moderator. Review these Posting Guidelines and Privacy Policy to take them seriously and to abide by them.

In keeping aligned with our goal to provide a site where registered users can share comments and ideas as they pertain to product reviews, surgical procedures, and other related topics, we may reject or remove material that is not (in our judgment) consistent with these Guidelines and we reserve the right to revoke posting privileges if necessary. We intend for the Biosense Webster, Inc. social community pages to provide a forum for the free exchange of information and frank discussion among users. However, BWI prides itself on being a responsible corporate citizen; we cannot allow users to engage in conduct that is damaging to other users, BWI itself, or other companies. Use good judgment and follow these Guidelines!

  • We accept and encourage the exchange of ideas, including differences of opinion. Attacking or harassing a person, however, is not acceptable.
  • We do not allow threatening, racist, abusive, hateful or violent language or behavior.
  • We do not allow obscene, sexually explicit, crude and off-color language and images. We do not allow nude images.
  • If you submit photos or footage that includes persons other than yourself, you must have the express documented permission of the others included that meet state, federal or local government privacy regulations. Do not submit photos with children in them unless they're your own!
  • We do not allow posts, subject lines, images that contain profanity, sexually graphic or offensive material. We welcome frank discussions, but NOT offensive slang terms.
  • We do not tolerate defamatory statements or any post containing libel and defamatory statements. Defamation is any published material that damages the reputation of an individual or an organization, exposes them to hatred, ridicule or contempt, causes them to be shunned or avoided, discredits their trade, business or profession, or generally lowers them in the eyes of society.
  • Participation in, suggesting, or encouraging any illegal, inappropriate activity, or dangerous behavior that may result in harm to anyone reading the forum is not permitted. Attempting to post something of this nature will lead to suspension of your posting privileges, and if warranted, you may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Copyrighted materials (text, images) may not be used without the express permission of the relevant copyright owners, or without attributing the content to said owners.
  • No links or URLs (except to .gov sites, Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies' sites, surgeon educational sites or common public sites such as CNN.com or Facebook.com) may be included in any member-posted content until the third-party website is properly reviewed. For example, members can share a link to a specific Facebook comment that references a Biosense Webster, Inc. product or service, or a YouTube video of a surgical procedure in which BWI products are used.
  • Comments are preferred in the English language. Comments written in any other languages that cannot be easily translated and interpreted will be removed.
  • You're welcome to say that you like or don't like a product and why but please don't say anything unnecessarily disparaging about a specific product or brand.
  • Political content or propaganda is inappropriate.
  • We do not allow social community page disruption, and will delete any flooding or spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or junk mail.
  • Any reference to personal information about others, including names or other information (last name, street address, phone number, name/location of school, AIM screen name, email address etc.) that can be used to identify or locate another individual or that could otherwise be considered invasion of another's privacy will be rejected or removed (unless the person named is also a member of a private community and the purpose is to identify the individual. For example, "when Dr. Smith and I were in surgery in his hospital in Atlanta, we encountered a patient with aberrant anatomy around the...").
  • The forums are not an appropriate place for communicating undesirable experiences that may have happened while using/taking products unrelated to the purpose of this community and any such posts will be rejected or removed. Do not post comments about specific products' unless you are reporting about your personal experience with products used in relation to the purpose of our social community presence. For example, "I used the THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® Catheter for the first time in a case last week, and ...").
  • We will delete any posts attempting to impersonate client staff, medical personnel, or other community members. Please keep in mind that other members may claim expertise or status (legal, medical, etc.) that they do not, in fact, possess, and we urge you to use discretion in following their advice.
  • Personal or commercial solicitation or advertising is not allowed.

Should you have any concerns or cause for dissatisfaction, our site moderators want to know about it and can best assist you by speaking with you directly. For product concerns, please contact: Biosense Webster, Inc. Customer Support Center at 1-800-729-9010 or e-mail at: [email protected].

Thank you for following the community standards and keeping our community an informative place to be. Biosense Webster, Inc. or any of its affiliates may alter these terms at any time.