Many Arrhythmias,
One Solution
The only 3-D mapping system with the integration, scalability and
insights to help electrophysiologists make optimal treatment decisions.
Designed with every phase of the procedure in mind.

Obtain robust information with an array of versatile diagnostic, mapping and therapeutic options with CARTO® 3 System products.


High-quality data points offer physicians electrical and anatomical detail in simple and complex cases. Includes traditional and advanced diagnostic catheters such as:


Advanced 3-D mapping modules integrate multiple data sets and images into one resource for highly detailed, real-time information. Includes image integration tools, as well as AF- and VT- specific software such as:


With the broadest portfolio of catheters available; physicians can deliver optimal treatment, whether it’s to ablate or wait. Includes Contact Force Technology and Irrigated Ablation Technology such as: