A list of the Biosense Webster, Inc., CARTO® System cables are below. Please search by ordering number, and make sure to view all the details.
CARTO® 3 System
At Catheter
At Piu
D134401Cable for LASSO® eco Catheter, LASSO® 2515 NAV eco Variable Catheter and the PENTARAY® eco Catheter. Connects Catheter to CARTO® 3 System PIU.2.7m  
CG2025CTCable for SOUNDSTAR® Catheters3 m25 pin black20 pin green
CR3425CTCable for existing NAVISTAR® Catheters3 m25 pin black34 pin red
CR3434CTCable for THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® Catheter3 m34 pin red34 pin red
EM5050011Permanent Cable6 m25 pin black20 pin green
EM505006020-Pole eco Cable for PENTARAY® eco Catheter and LASSO® eco Catheter (reusable – non sterile cable). 6m