CARTONET is a cloud-based smart storage solution that gives electrophysiologists and EP lab administrators the ability to review, analyze and share their CARTO® 3 System cases and case data with the goal of helping to improve procedure efficiency, lab efficiency and patient outcomes. CARTONET leverages the teamplay Cloud Platform of Siemens Healthineers which meets industry best practices of security and privacy and supports compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.
Features and Benefits:
  • Queryable cloud-based CARTO® 3 System case backup and storage
  • A Dashboard of CARTO® 3 System cases and case data including multiple expandable layers of information and analytics
  • Customizable CARTO® 3 System case statistics and analytics
  • The ability to retrospectively review CARTO® 3 System cases remotely on a tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • The ability to attach additional pre-, intra- and post-procedure information to the CARTO® 3 System case record
  • The ability to export case statistical and analytical data into a standard format
  • The ability to aggregate and share CARTO® 3 System cases and images
Subscription Plans
CNETSTANDARDCARTONET Standard Subscription Plan
CNETUNLIMITEDCARTONET Unlimited Subscription Plan