By integrating the accuracy and precision of our industry-standard 3-D mapping and navigation systems with the Niobe® magnetic steering technology, we’re bringing the full potential of remote navigation to electrophysiologists.
Features & Benefits:
  • Only technology fully integrated with the Niobe® System
  • 3-D imaging integrated with remote steering enhances reproducibility
  • Permits single operator for mapping and catheter maneuvering from the CARTO® RMT System
  • Facilitates easy access to difficult locations
  • Remote control can help make procedures more efficient with less fluoroscopy exposure
  • Detailed electroanatomical images facilitate accurate mapping and targeting
  • Familiar CARTO® XP System format, including new impedance mapping and area calculation measurements
  • Compatible with CARTOMERGE® Image Integration Module (sold separately)
CARTO® 3 System
RMT Module
C3RMTCARTO® System RMT Module