nMARQTechnology Overview

Reduce procedure time and complexity with nMARQ mapping and multi-ablation technology designed to provide an impressive level of procedural efficiency. Uniform irrigation occurs immediately at the site of tissue contact, reducing trade-offs between precision and safety. Each nMARQ Catheter boasts 10 irrigation holes per electrode, completely surrounding the electrodes for more efficient cooling.

Key features and benefits: Map, multi-ablate and validate with efficiency and precision
Acquire multiple mapping points simultaneously for even greater detail with multi-electrode mapping (MEM)
Ablate with any or all of the 7-10 electrodes by simply pressing a button

nMARQ Catheters
Built on a proven legacy in irrigated catheter ablation.

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nMARQ Generator
Fine-tune ablation with a single touch.

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nMARQ Multi-Ablation Technology Animation
Watch an animation of nMARQ technology at work.
Interview with Professor Pierre Jais Hear about nMARQ™ technology results discovered by clinical trials. nMARQ™ System Brochure Download
nMARQ System