Fixed Catheter 
WEBSTER® Quadrapolar Fixed Catheter has been designed to facilitate electrophysiological mapping of cardiac structures. The catheter has a high-torque shaft with an array of platinum electrodes at the distal tip that can be used for stimulation and recording. The tip section has a preformed curve with a nylon tip protector.
Features & Benefits:
  • Four electrodes.
  • High-torque through-lumen shaft with a fixed curve
  • The tip section has a preformed curve and is packaged with a nylon tip protector.
WEBSTER® Quadrapolar
Fixed Catheter
Of Electrodes
112449S 4FA 42-5-2 mm  
F4QA005RT 4FA 45 mm100 cm 
112442S 4FF 42-5-2 mm100 cm 
F4QF005RT 4FF 45 mm100 cm 
F4QH005RT 4FH 45 mm100 cm 
F65QA005RT 5/6FA1 mm45 mm115 cm 
F5CQA005RT 5FA 45 mm110 cm 
F5QA002RT 5FA 42 mm110 cm 
F5QA005CT 5FA 45 mm110 cmYes
F5QA005RT 5FA1 mm45 mm110 cm 
F5QA010RT* Made to Order5FA 410mm110 cm 
F5QA252RT 5FA1 mm42-5-2 mm110 cm 
F5SQA252RT* Made to Order5FA 42-5-2 mm80 cm 
F5CQD005RT 5FD 45 mm  
F5QD005RT 5FD 45 mm110 cm 
F5QD010RT* Made to Order5FD 410 mm110 cm 
F5QD252RT 5FD 42-5-2 mm110 cm 
F5CQF005RT 5FF 45 mm110 cm 
F5CQF252RT* Made to Order5FF 42-5-2 mm110 cm 
F5QF002RT* Made to Order5FF 42 mm110 cm 
F5QF005CT 5FF 45 mm110 cmYes
F5QF005RT 5FF1 mm45 mm110 cm 
F5QF010RT 5FF 410 mm110 cm 
F5QF252RT 5FF 42-5-2 mm110 cm 
F5QL005RT* Made to Order5FL 45 mm110 cm 
F5QL010ST 5FL 410 mm125 cm 
F5CQA252RT 6F A 42-5-2 mm110 cm 
F6CQA005RT 6F A 45 mm115 cm 
F6CQA252RT* Made to Order6FA 42-5-2 mm110 cm 
F6QA002RT 6FA1 mm42 mm115 cm 
F6QA005CT 6F A 45 mm Yes
F6QA005RT 6F A 45 mm115 cm 
F6QA010RT 6FA1 mm410 mm115 cm 
F6QA252RT 6FA1 mm42-5-2 mm115 cm 
F6QRA005RT 6F A 4 115 cm 
F6QD002RT 6F D 42 mm115 cm 
F6QD005RT 6FD1 mm45 mm115 cm 
F6QD010RT 6FD1 mm410 mm115 cm 
F6QD252RT 6FD1 mm42-5-2 mm115 cm 
F6CQF005RT* Made to Order6FF 45 mm115 cm 
F6CQF010RT* Made to Order6FF 410 mm115 cm 
F6QF002RT 6F F 42 mm115 cm 
F6QF005CT 6F F 45 mm Yes
F6QF005RT 6F F 45 mm115 cm 
F6QF010RT 6FF1 mm410 mm115 cm 
F6QF252RT 6FF1 mm42-5-2 mm115 cm 
F6QRF005RT 6F F 4 115 cm 
F6QRF252RT 6FF 42-5-2 mm115 cm 
F6QK002RT* Made to Order6FK 42 mm115 cm 
F6QL005RT 6F L 45 mm115 cm 
F6QL010ST 6F L 410 mm  
Associated Cables
39F40R ECG Recording System / CARTO® System
C6MRMST4SA BlackCatheter to CARTO® System or Recording System
CY1210CT CARTO® 3 System
CY1210CT YellowCatheter to CARTO® System
CY1212CT YellowCatheter to CARTO® System